The Subsidiary of ChinaDive

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ShenZhen ChinaDive Sports Co.,Ltd.

Found in April 2014, fully owend by ChinaDive Watersport Inc. It has builted on Marine cultural backgrounds with Southeast Asia as the theme. Design by Hongkong's top designersIn with gorgeous and elegant style. It has spended hundreds of millions RMB to build. Business area of nearly 20,000 square meters.It is the Asia's first comprehensive indoor high diving world. Core business are diving training, diving popularize, diving device sales. 

ShenZhen LiYangShun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Found in September 2000, fully owend by ChinaDive.The main business is domestic trade. Mainly responsible for ChinaDive purchasing materials in the domestic market, and is responsible for own brand diving equipment in the domestic marketing. Over the years LiYangShun has been for ChinaDive purchasing cloth and other related materials, after years of operation, LiYangShun established a perfect and efficient supply chain system, accumulated a large number of high-quality fabric suppliers.

Sanya ChinaDive Outdoor & Sports Co., Ltd.

Found in January 2009, fully owned by ChinaDive. Main business in diving training, outdoor development, diving and outdoor equipment sales, maintenance, leasing. The company has China Diving Association "diving qualification certificate", can carry out diving technical advice, technical training, carry out related diving underwater sports activities and generation of CMAS, PADI and other international organizations issued the diving certificate, in Sanya and Hainan formed a certain influence.

Sumnet Enterprise (HK) Co., Ltd

Found in June 2008, base in Hong Kong, Fully owen by ChinaDive.Mainly for ChinaDive ODM products, raw materials import and export business to provide support services, can make full use of Hongkong's well-developed trade environment, financing environment and simplify foreign exchange payment procedures and settlement procedures.

ChinaDive (HK) Equipment Co., Ltd.

Found in June 2010, Base in Hong Kong, Fully Owen by ChinaDive. Mainly engaged in trade, diving training, rock climbing training, outdoor development, diving, outdoor equipment sales, maintenance, leasing.Positioning as parent company's offshore diving equipment, export trade and ODM, OBM products in overseas markets experience marketing.