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Respect of investors:
    Welcome to dive to visit investigation, in order to properly arrange your visit, please fill out the following information, and suggest you two working days in advance booking, thank you for your attention to dive in!
    (If you have any questions in the process of fill in, welcome to call 0752-3522258enquiry) 

Fill in the person is: 机构投资者        个人投资者       
Fill in the agency's:
Fill in the names of the people is:*
Fill in one agency is located in the office* Country/region* city
Briefly explain the guests visiting purpose:
Please select your visit:*
You visit this time is in order:* Appointment of latent related personnel, understand company situation (please fill in hope communication content)
Visit the subsidiary(Details can beHidden in the website【A wholly owned subsidiary】Refer to)
If you visit this time is not only to visit a project, not only to a city or company information, please click on the "increase visit demand" button below。
If you do not have new requirements, please click "next" button。